Promo and photoshoots: Jack Reacher

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AT LARGE photoshoot

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MAGAZINE SKANS: Entertaiment

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SUICIDE SQUAD: More promos

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The Hollywood Reporter 2015

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Comic Con 2015: Sucide Squad

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August is close and very soon we will see our long waited Sucide Squad premier!

BE HERE NOW premier 6th April 2016

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Hot Guy/Cold Drink: Dirty Martinis and Muscle Fatigue With Jai Courtney

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In a quiet little movie called Divergent, a brute named Eric intimidates a new faction pledge named Tris (Shailene Woodley) with his bulging muscles, gauge-like piercings, and neck tattoos. Eric, played by actor Jai Courtney, is tireless in his pursuit of brawn and business. Courtney, however, is neither an American from a dystopian future—though he’ll play yet another post-apocalypse soldier in the forthcoming Terminator reboot—nor a particularly strict rule follower. He is, in fact, a big, smiley, sarcastic, self-assured Australian. (Who, incidentally, possesses bulging muscles.) When we meet for a round of dirty martinis at The Leadbelly on New York’s Lower East Side—a clubhouse that looks like your best friend’s parents’ basement, complete with old records and sepia-toned photographs—he’s gearing up for the release of yet another movie in which he assumes the tough guy role.

Suicide squad: promos

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So, Happy New Year all! Hope it will be nice to us and bring more Jai’s grate works. One of them is Suicide squad that we’ll see on this Summer.
Till then some promo shots:

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Spartacus: Blood and Sand: Screenshots

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Screenshots of beloved Varro and Spartacus. I did love this tv-show and after Andy Whitfield died I stoped watching this tv-show. This was first time I saw Jai Courtney🙂